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The Prize Consultancy.analysis, imaging, politics.

The Prize Consultancy a/i/p. is Joost Smits' consultancy company in the field of technologies for the information society.

Currently this involves three areas:

  • analysis: from commenting on policy papers to statistical analysis of election results
  • imaging: from presentation of analyses, to video image enhancement, to new ways of photography
  • politics: from local politics, to residents' associations, to specific policy areas

Where necessary, customized software and design (3D, photo editing, etc.) are deployed.

The motivation lies in the combination of disciplines. Such as making maps, in which the analysis of local politics is visualised.

Software to analyse and process political data.

And databases, such as the database of the Dutch parliamentary elections of 12 September 2012 (Dutch).

New ways of photography. Registration of posing.

Video enhancement, imáGROW almost makes DVD quality of your photocamera video clips.

Joost Smits